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The Rail~Volution Podcast

Sep 5, 2019

This month on the Rail~Volution podcast, we're joined by Sound Transit's Deputy Executive Director for Land Use Planning and Development Brooke Belman, Land Use Planning Manager Sloan Dawson, and TOD Program Manager Thatcher Imboden to talk about how Sound Transit in the Seattle region coordinates land use...

Jun 5, 2019

This month on the Rail~Volution podcast we are joined By Bowinn MA, Member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly for North Vancouver-Lonsdale BC. Bowinn talks about creating  better transportation options for her constituents, new transportation technologies, and the importance of political engagement.

Apr 4, 2019

This month on the Rail~Volution podcast we chat with Maurice Jones, President of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation or LISC.  Maurice talks about how he got into community development, their involvement in a new Bay Area housing initiative, and the potential for investments to make big changes for the...

Mar 11, 2019

This month on the Rail~Volution podcast we chat with Eileen Evert and Brian Ebersole of Springboard Health to think about the 80% of patient health that happen outside of the hospital including transportation and access to healthy food. They chat about their program NEPA Moves that focuses on sustainable transportation...

Feb 7, 2019

This month we're joined by Vanan Murugesan, Director of Design and Innovation at Pillsbury United Communities. He talks about how human centered design has impacted how he thinks about community building and building a community centered grocery store.